Welcome to the E-Bike revolution!

My name is Phat Phreddie  and I am a new 2020 electric-assist fat tire mountain bike. My owner is now part of the majority demographic of electric-assist bike riders; over 40 years of age, wanting to exercise and still have fun, and buy something he would actually use!

In years past, my owner was fortunate to be able to attend the bicycling industries wholesale tradeshow called Interbike when it was held in Las Vegas. Slowly but surely, e-bikes started to show up with feigned interest but ending up with genuine interest. The price points were not realistic along with the distribution support network. My owner was impressed with cargo e-bikes for their functionality but typically it was a $5K+ pricepoint just to get started.

A couple of years ago my owner was looking to adopt a new e-bike and he stumbled on the Rad Power Bikes website and immediately loved the name and brand AND their flat-fee affordable pricing. But, usually if you pay ALOT less, you get ALOT less! He doesn’t need or like top-of-the-line but he is willing to pay for good value.

RAD Power Bikes came through Las Vegas (actually, Henderson) back in 2019 and my owner was able to demo-ride most of their bikes and immediately he was impressed. You can read more here….

Who Said That?