Hi! My name is Phat Phreddie and I am a 2020 RadRover 5. I was probably born in China but my sponsoring parents live in the Seattle, Washington area. My owner goes by the name of Barq Pharts and you can only imagine…

My charter and mission in life is to bring immense pleasure, some exercise and renewed access to adventure seekers looking to explore their local urban or off-road trails with vigor and ease.

My siblings number in the 1000’s and my cousins like the RadMiniRadCity, RadRunner and the uber kewl cargo cousin – Radwagon collectively now number in the gillions.

Because of my lower price-point than those other big shots in the e-bike communities, my parents wanted a more affordable price along with great service on the back-end to ensure my eventual owners take me out for exercise frequently.

Below you can tell how my new owner dressed me up to look a little more pimp and for added functionality.  I am pretty sexy leaving Seattle but my siblings and cousins tell me that most owners will “farkle” us a tad here and there to make the riding a personal experience.  I am RAD, you are RAD and let’s make Mother Earth Rad by reducing our carbon footprints and living healthier lives!  Click any of the hotspots below to learn more about how to customize your RAD RIDE!

Electric-assist with a potential range of 40+ miles.Fat or phat tires make for a plush ride inter-urban or on the trails. Jeep trails are fun!The rack is good for around town to tote your lock(s), groceries or picking up your mail.I am used to a standard 29er mtb so I opted for a more interactive riding saddle versus just sitting the entire time while riding.Fenders are definitely silly out on trails but great for the urban experience.I opted for $100 pedals that have a clip-in option. See my Hot Links page for more info.